Information and resources for carers

“What happens after someone’s actually injured. The extent to which I had to be an advocate for my husband….the amount of problems I had to fix because he was too fearful of rocking the boat. In many ways I didn’t expect to be an advocate.”

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The carer's role

Falling into a carer's role can sneak up on you, and significantly change your life. If you need to care for someone, there are resources that can make this lifestyle transition easier. 

Carers Australia is the peak body providing national services and advocacy for carers. State-based carer organisations can provide support and services to anyone engaged in a carer role.

A National Carer Counselling Program (1800 242 636) can provide short-term counselling, and emotional and psychological support services for carers.

The DVA Carers' Booklet provides information about specific services available through DVA and other general resources for carers.

Experiences of carers

This video by SANE Australia interviews carers of people with mental illness about their experiences.