About AT-Ease

At-Ease provides health and mental wellbeing support and advice for Australian veterans, serving personnel and their families.

Our aim is to connect the veteran community to a range of resources and options to help them live well.

At-Ease is structured around three actions:

Recognise the Signs

AT-Ease provides information about a range of issues which might affect those who have served. The focus is on health and wellbeing:

By working on these issues, a range of other concerns which may have a negative impact on a veteran or their family can be addressed. For example, drinking too much can be related to poor sleep, sexual dysfunction, anger issues and dangerous risk-taking behaviour.

Recognise the Signs provides the tools for the veteran to think about their lifestyle choices and decide for themselves how they should proceed.

If a veteran or veteran’s family is concerned about mental health issues, Open Arms provides free and confidential counselling on 1800 011 046.

Take action

At-Ease provides a variety of tools and resources to take action via self-help exercises, or directing visitors to veteran-specific programs and services in the community.

At-Ease has developed a series of apps and websites to help veterans take action, including:

  • The Right Mixan alcohol management app and website that offers tips, tools and strategies to reduce the impact of drinking.
  • High Res – an online self-help tool and training resource to help manage stress and build resilience.  Available both as an app and website
  • PTSD Coach Australia – an app to help manage symptoms that commonly occur following exposure to trauma.
  • Operation Life – an app designed to explain the warning signs of suicide, and provide information and resources to help keep veterans and their family safe from suicide.  The app is complemented by a suicide prevention website, Operation Life Online.

At-Ease resources are available free of charge to Australian veterans and their families.


Making significant lifestyle changes – such as giving up smoking or reducing alcohol consumption – isn’t easy, especially if the behaviour has become a decades’ long habit. Sometimes it will be two-steps forward one-step back.

Through the apps and online resources, At-Ease provides tools to help make the journey to better health easier for veterans and their family.


At-Ease provides resources for partners and families of those who have served, to help individuals or family units, as well as the veteran.

Partners and family members are often the first to notice that something is ‘not quite right’.The Families section connects families to tools, resources and services to help them live well.

If you need crisis support, or would like to access face-to-face counselling for you or a veteran, contact Open Arms on 1800 011 046, or call 000 in the case of an emergency.


At-Ease was launched in April 2008 from DVA’s Mental Health Literacy Strategy with the Veteran Community 2006.

Today, At-Ease encourages veterans to recognise issues with their mental health and wellbeing, take appropriate action, and assume responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

At-Ease apps have been developed in close collaboration with stakeholders and leading veteran-research organisations:

  • The High Res website and app (2014) were a joint initiative between DVA and Defence, based on the ADF Self-Management and Resilience Training (SMART) program, which provides resilience training to serving military personnel at various points throughout their military career
  • The Right Mix (2009) was a joint initiative between DVA, Defence and Open Arms (formerly VVCS)
  • PTSD coach (launched in 2011) was developed by the US VA National Center for PTSD, in consultation with the Australian Defence Force and Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Operation Life (2013) was developed by DVA and Open Arms (formerly VVCS), with consultation from Defence, and health professionals.

Clinical governance

At-Ease works with leading institutions, following world’s best practice in severe and complex mental health issues and trauma.  The material on At-Ease is clinically governed by Phoenix, the Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

Our apps have been clinically reviewed by organisations such as Queensland University of Technology and Phoenix.

At-ease/Professional content aims to enable service providers to better care for the ex-service community by providing resources, and webinars than enable clinicians to earn continuing professional development. Resources on At-ease/Professional clinical are reviewed by Phoenix following world’s best practice (http://anzaccentre.org.au/).